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TÁC GIẢ: Department of External Relations
NGÀY: 01/01/2023

Course selection, Course Syllabi, nha cai w88 Regulations, Assessment, Grading, Official Transcripts


1.1 Vietnamese Language and Culture

– This course is for students who would like to study the language and discover the culture of Vietnam.

– This course is available in Korean, Japanese or English.

1.2 Regular Course for International Students

– This course is for students who would like to study regular course as nha cai w88 students.

– This course is available in English only.

– List of available courses:

+ International Relations;

+ Public Relations;

+ International Business Administration;

+ English Language;

+ Tourism and Hospitality;

+ Finance and Banking.


– Please contact the nha cai w88 Coordinator (Email: [email protected]) for further instructions on the course syllabi at nha cai w88 .

3. nha cai w88 REGULATIONS

3.1 Attendance

– In the event that absence occurs more than 20% of semester duration, the student will be prohibited from taking final examination (score of zero (0) will be recorded).

– On the examination date, the student who is late from 10 minutes onwards for writing tests and 05 minutes onwards for listening tests will not be allowed to enter the test/examination room and the score of zero (0) will be recorded.

3.2 Examination

– Almost the tests will take place in the middle and at the end of the semester. Re-sitting examination will not be available in any circumstances.

– Your nha cai w88 Student ID is required during examination: you must present your current nha cai w88 Student ID Card when attending examinations. If you do not have your ID card with you, you will be refused for entry into the examination room and you may fail your course. In this case, you will be directed to the Department of Educational Testing and Quality Assurance to obtain documentation certifying your identification, allowing you to enter the exam room. Extra exam time will not be given to students who do not have a current nha cai w88 student ID card readily available. Lateness on the examination date, the above attendance regulation will be applied and the score of zero (0) will be recorded.

Important Note: Due to internal constraints, nha cai w88 will not support any early examination request. Students are required to strictly follow the examination schedule, including mid-term and final examination. 

Learning experiences in nha cai w88


– Assignment and class participation: 20-40%

– Mid-term exam: 20-30%

– Final exam: 40-60%
* This is a guideline only. The assessment may vary between different courses.


  10-Point Grading Letter Grades 4-Point Grading
9.0<= GPA <=10 A+ 4.0
8.5<= GPA <=8.9 A 4.0
8.0<= GPA <=8.4 B+ 3.5
7.0<= GPA <=7.9 B 3.0
6.0<= GPA <=6.9 C+ 2.5
5.5<= GPA <=5.9 C 2.0
5.0<= GPA <=5.4 D+ 1.5
4.0<= GPA <=4.9 D 1.0
No passing
GPA < 4.0 F 0.0



– Two copies of the official transcript will be sent directly (by e-mail and post-mail) to the International Office of your home institution within TWO Months after the end of the exchange semester.

Tin tức & Sự kiện gần đây

  • Quyết định về việc trao Học bổng chính sách nha cai w88 năm học 2023 – 2024
  • Thông báo về việc trừ điểm rèn luyện đối với trường hợp sinh viên đăng ký thủ tục trực tuyến nhưng không đến nhận của Học kỳ I, năm học 2023 – 2024
  • nha cai w88 vinh danh và trao 4,2 tỷ đồng học bổng cho sinh viên đạt thành tích xuất sắc trong học tập và rèn luyện
    Trong số gần 1.300 sinh viên được vinh danh, có sinh viên bị mất cha mẹ trong đợt dịch Covid, có bạn phải tự bươn chải vừa làm vừa học để trai trải sinh hoạt phí... nhưng vẫn đạt thành tích học tập xuất sắc.


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